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Tango of Lucio Demare (Music) and Homero Manzi (lyrics)

Homero Manzi was with Anibal Troilo in San Pablo (Brazil) for a Tango Tour. In a cabaret, he listened to Malena de Toledo and decided to write a song with this name. In fact, he was in love with Nelly Omar, famous tango singer. Both married, they lived their love in secret . Nelly divorced for him and waited.... Homero, for his part, will never do it. Few time after, he will die of cancer. Even if it exist a lot of versions of the history of this song, Nelly Omar in her last years declared that this song was dedicated to  her.

The first version was realised by the Orquestra of Lucio Demare and his singer Osvaldo Miranda in 1942. Malena will be played by numerous orquestras and singers like Troilo with Goyeneche or with Fiorentino, Miguel Caló, Osvaldo Pugliese. Here, you can hear the version of Anibal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino.

Malena - Anibal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino
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