The Tango in Paris

Lo que murió in Paris - Francisco Canaro con Agustin Irusta

France is the second homeland of the tango since the first travel, in 1906, to Marseille of the Sarmiento, schoolship of the argentinian marine, in a promotion trip to Europe . A long story between Buenos Aires and Paris will born with a lot of passion. Paris will be also a source of inspiration of a lot of tangos : Madame Ivonne (Peyrera, Cadicamo), Griseta ( Castillo, Delfino), Mimi Pinson (Rogerro, Rótulo),.......

Some of the most famous musicians went and sometimes stayed in France like Manuel Pizzaro who also opened the first cabaret, in Montmartre, dedicated to tango. Others like the Canaro brothers, Villoldo, Gobbi (father).... till Piazzola spent a long time in Paris. And what about the dance ? A BIG succes of course. A lot of tango teachers came, attracted by the passion for tango of the parisian people like "el indio" Simarra, "el vasquito" Ain, etc....

Tango was a big part of the music played by french and argentinian orquestras in all France.

And when the tango, out of fashion, will reborn, where did it occured ? In Paris of course with the phenomenal succes of the show "Tango Argentino" in 1983. Nowadays tango is really alive in France, not only in Paris and many french people go to Buenos Aires to discover the roots of the argentinian tango

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