The "Fileteado Porteño

The Fileteado Porteño is born in Buenos Aires in the beginning of the 20 th century. The first maestros worked for the bus fabrics, making the decoration of the « colectivos ». As all popular arts, it's difficult to get precise data about it. It seems that the pioniers of this art were italian immigrants. Then the Fileteado will be used for others engines, like cars, trucks and even handcart or horse cart.

The fileteador is also a letrista, who paint letters on the truck, the cart and then shops, etc : the name of the owner, the company, and often a « philosophic » or humoristic sentence.

The Fileteado is also fully linked to the Tango, the same popular origin, the same people, immigrants, humble workers, proletarian and popular « barrios » of Buenos Aires. In a way the same goal : making art with your life, expressing yours sentiments and looking for freedom. Nowadays, most of the milongas porteñas are decorated with Fileteado. For some Tango shows, body painting used too sometime....but this is more for export !

In 2015, the Fileteado Porteño has been declared World Heritage of the Humanity, as has been declared the Argentinian Tango in 2009.